iPod Data Recovery

The iPod is a portable media player which is used mainly for entertainment purposes. It started out as a craze, then went on to become a status symbol and today it is used by just about everyone!! The songs, videos, and other information on the iPod cannot be “shared” from iPod to iPod. This is because an iPod, is a read-only drive which needs to be synchronized to a computer system for the data on it to be edited.

iTunes acts as an interface between the iPod and the computer. This means that whenever you need to add, remove or create new playlists etc, you have to synchronize the iPod to a computer and perform the actions on iTunes. This also means that if ever something were to go wrong with the sync, you would be unable to do anything to your iPod. At such times you should use an iPod data recovery to salvage iTunes or iPod data.

For example, when you try to sync your iPod to your Mac OS X, you get the following error message:

“Attempting to copy to the disk Customers iPod failed. An unknown error occurred (-48)”


The cause of the problem is usually the use of an out-dated version of iTunes with the iPod. This problem is only faced by Mac OS X users. They have a tough time in dealing with the problem which is not only confusing but also heartbreaking. The very fact that there is something wrong with your precious iPod means there is a good chance of you losing all those songs, videos, movies etc stored on it!!.


The way to get out of this sticky situation is to Restore the iPod. You can follow the steps below to do so:

Open iTunes, connect your iPod to your computer.

Select your iPod in the Source panel. It may take time to appear. You will see information about your iPod in the Summary tab.

Click the Restore button. You will then be asked to select from 4 different restore options.

A message will appear prompting you to enter an administrator’s name and password.

After this first stage of the restore process, you will be prompted for iPod specific information.

In the next stage of the restore process, you will see an Apple Logo and progress bar at the bottom of the iPod display. Ensure to keep the iPod connected to the computer.

The iPod restore is now complete, and you will see the iTunes window prompting you for your iPods name, syncing preferences etc.

However, restoring an iPod means that you will lose all the data stored on the iPod. It is always advised, that before restoring any software/hardware, you must take a back-up of your data. This is because when you restore any device to the factory settings, it automatically deletes all your data stored on it. You can recover iPod data using an iPod data recovery. They can be downloaded off the Internet and then used to quickly and effectively recover data

Data Recovery California company says iPod Data Recovery is easy to use. It supports AVI, GIF, WAV, MOV, MP4, AU, OGG, etc file formats. It performs iPod recovery by scanning the hard drive and retrieving all the iPod data from its hard disk. The software, which has an extremely simple GUI, is compatible with Mac.


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